Etribe travel guitar

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Work Bench

End and Heel Blocks

Side Bending Iron

Bending Sides

Gluing Sides

Gluing Kerfing

Top and Back

Headstock detail

Building an Etribe Travel Guitar

A long time ago I took some photos of the guitar in its early stages of construction, when I still used actual wood and glue. Links to the photos are at left.

I sold the plans I made in the process of designing this guitar. People bought the plans and built guitars.

But then I changed the plans without building the guitar. This was a mistake, as I later discovered. People stopped buying the plans and I wondered why.

A year ago I modeled the guitar in Blender 3D software and discovered that my spur of the moment design change might have made the guitar unbuildable as designed. Beveling off the horns on the back might end up cutting into the body cavity. (That was always somewhat of a danger, actually.)

I thought it would work because of what I did to one of the last bodies I built. I routed it out and then modified the design based on that.

Now I've given that body to a professional guitar builder to put together. This will be the true test. In the meantime, I've modified the plans again, this time based on better data (The Blender 3D model).

It will still need to be built in real life, so I'm giving away the plans, basically crowd sourcing the prototype. Someone please send some evidence of success so I can post it on the site!