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Gallery - Colin

colin's version

MP3 of this guitar: matt.mp3

Hi, I'm just dropping you an e mail to apologise for plagiarising your travel guitar design. A while ago I built my son a travel guitar to practice on between lectures at university (while he should have been working!) . It worked ok but suffered from tuning and treble string snapping problems as the strings had to turn thru 180 degrees on an aluminium rod.

While trawling the net for better ideas I came across your design and it was the spur I'd needed as I'd been trying to work out a low tech version of a steinberger set up for a while.

I didnt download the plans but worked out my own version., the main changes being to shorten the body (the whole guitar is just 32inches long) and change the shape slightly. True to the spirit of the occasion I tried to do it using odds and ends left over from previous builds.

I already had the LP type bridge, Yamaha pup and machine heads. A cheap neck bought on ebay, which I had to stone/recrown etc and the electrics were all I needed. The body was made as a semi solid, an old (sapele, I think) piece of door for the middle section, which was jigsawed out in the middle to leave it hollow except where the bridge studs go in, around the rear horns and around the neck pocket. The front and back consisted of 8mm pieces of mahagany left from previous builds. Routing a neck pocket to give the necessary neck angle was fun!

I'd meant to finish it with oil, but son decided a solid color would look nice. I think he was right, it looks very METAL in black with the rear pointy horns. The string guides are a bit tatty- just m5 bolts with the top bit of thread filed off. I would do something a bit better if I made another. The pickup is wired for series/parallel/coil tap and works nicely. The whole thing weighs about 4 pounds and sits very comfortably on the knee while playing. Tuning is easy and stable.

The best thing though is the sound. It's amazingly loud and sweet played unplugged (louder than full size semi solids with F sound holes I've made before) and positively rocks when plugged in (but not when I play it unfortunately). I've attached some photos and a couple of mp3 files of the guitar in action. Thanks again for the visual inspiration needed to get me going. I'll send a donation shortly.

Best regards, Colin W. (Cumbria, England)